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Underwater Photography
Team Orion is Very Proud of Our State of the Art Water Toy Collection
90hp RIB

The centerpiece of our water toys is our 14ft inflatable RIB with a 90hp Yamaha. This comfortable and dry shore boat is also our water toy play machine with a high quality towing and learning bar kit installed.

For example our RIB has a standing tow-bit, rather than simple D rings seen on most other charter skiffs. This means to you the skiff is able to take off pointing in any direction saving time for the person in the water. In other words more time skiing and less time floating in the water waiting for the boat to position itself.

We also have a training boom that extends off the side of the RIB. This bar makes training people to learn to stand up much quicker meaning your time is spent standing and skiing rather than floating around the water waiting for the boat to return.

We have two new 2014 wakeboards. One for smaller people and one for larger people. If you have never been able to wakeboard, don’t worry. We have a very high success rate teaching people to quickly stand, and in no time be doing your first trick.
We also have a single person towing tube for those seeking ultimate speed across the water.
Stand Up Paddle Boards

Two soft SUP, or Stand Up Paddle-boards with adjustable carbon fiber oars. Soft means soft landings for that occasional fall, and carbon oars means more effort into propulsion and less lifting a heavy oar.
Two skimboards for playing on the beach.
Snorkeling Sleds

For those that have never tried a snorkeling sled think Superman flying underwater. Over and over we have had guests tell us this is the most fun water toy they have ever used. I have never seen snorkeling sleds on any other boats and the owner brought them direct from Brazil where they are a national sensation. They allow a snorkeler to be towed behind the skiff at about walking speed. In the water that slow towing speed feels like a jet pack and the person can dive, turn, spin, barrel roll, view the reef and really enjoy themselves. The best part is there is no effort so most people stay underwater twice as long as normal because there is simply no work being done. We are always set to tow two people, and with a little setup time and training we can tow up to four sledders.
Underwater Cameras

Heaps of GoPro and waterproof cameras. Captain Scott wrote the book "How To Take Stunning Underwater Photos" and loves to help guests take better photos. We have boxes of GoPro mounts and for those that like to play with cameras consider filming yourself on the wakeboard, or being towed underwater. For example we have a full selection of water helmets. Each helmet has a GoPro camera mount. How cool is that? We have tubes that accept the camera so you can poke the camera into a hole and get photos of what is inside, or hold out the tube and video yourself right in the action. The options are only limited by your own creativity.
16ft Sailing Catamaran

Our SmartKat 5 meter sailing catamaran, new in 2014. This high speed performance catamaran with a fully battened main sail and roller furling jib. If the seas are calm, and the wind is steady and less than 15 knots guests can experience the rocket ship performance of this amazing water toy.

We are also right now looking for our latest toy, a two person paddle or pedal kayak. What would you suggest?

Orion has a full selection of modern fishing gear. With a full fledged fish guide on board who can identify over 450 fish species we are ready to troll a full spread of fishing gear. We have new 2014 high 6.7:1 high speed performance reels packed with 1200 meters of dyneema line. Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado are just some of our daily catch. Pictured below is a 52lb Yellowfin Tuna that fed our group for days.
Yoga on-Board

Allison is a certified yoga instructor. We have a full set of Yoga mats and accessories on board for those that would like to partake in morning yoga sessions. Practicing even a small amount of morning Yoga will often energise people for a day of adventure ahead.

Feeling playful? Have a look in our big box of costumes.

I know many people might not mention their barbecue as a toy, but I just want to say we have the best barbecue ever.
Our Best Toy

We must not forget about our best toy yet, Orion herself. This 90ft sailing catamaran was built on speed. She is one of the most powerful cats in the world and often reaches speeds over 15 knots in a safe secure and comfortable environment. Orion is the ultimate water toy!
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Whale Watching
Join us on "The Orion" to watch one of natures biggest wonders.
Talk to your agent to discuss an adventure with us today!
Internet Access
Don't miss the opportunity to send emails, chat online or upload vaction pictures from the Caribbean.  The "Orion" has internet access.
Charter Orion Specifications
With a husband and wife team on board the Orion, you are sure to be treated as family.  Relax knowing that the captain, Scott, has over 25 years professional experience.

His wife Allison, the chef aboard, is also very qualified at her duties and very dedicated to her skill as a chef.
The Crew
Charter Orion
Dec 28, 2013-Jan 4, 2014
I'm told I have been spoiled on this trip. Having never been on any boat in the ocean I somehow started at the top. This trip has been the best trip of my life. You think you have an idea of how beautiful sailing is from the movies, but it doesn't even come close. My highlights are riding in the very front for hours trying to guess what the waves would do to the boat. Snorkeling for the first time and having what felt like an out of body experience. Yoga on the front deck with Allison, and watching Elliot prance around trying to catch all types of sea creatures. Scott's amazing stories and watching "Erray Potta" with Molly. You are all wonderful. Thank you for making my first experience inevitably my best.

Lindsey Stamey
After numerous sailing trips to the BVI's on mono hulls this is my FAVORITE boat tour! Wow, love the shower, toilet (ha, ha), my room, great food, yoga (Yay!) Shark wrestling with Elliot, and such nice people. Thanks for making our trip so perfect and memorable.

Jenny Boyd
Maybe 30 sails around the Caribbean, Med, Atlantic and this was by far the best ever. Best boat, best crew, and best boat mates! My family. And so many unexpected extras: Yoga, shark catching and tagging! Thank you Allison, Molly,, Elliot, and Scott for an unforgettable holiday.

Randy Boyd
Totally relaxing trip. The ship was great. The crew awesome and the food could not be beat.

Tom Boyd
I don't believe I've ever been so well taken care of on any trip. Love the spirit energy of each of the staff. Allison, it would be fun to hang with her for months so I could have learned more yoga, raw food and health and well being in general. Scott your attention to our safety from harm was greatly appreciated. Elliot, your love of fishing, nature, in general was fun to watch. Good luck with your lion fish project. Molly, holy cow girl! You're learned your passion well. Wonder how much I gained this week! Thanks to each of you for your special gifts and for sharing them. Peace and love to all.

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When you Charter Orion you have full access to an open bar.

All standard alcohol drinks are included in charter price.  Special drinks can be purchased through
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Underwater Photography
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