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Scott Fratcher, the captain of the Orion, started as a spear fisherman to feed the boat passengers and crew. As the years past I learned more and more tricks about approaching fish, octopus, and all types of undersea creatures. I got really good at what I did, killing fish to eat.
Soon I came to the conclusion what I really liked was using all the spearfishing tricks I learned to think like a fish, so I could position myself for the perfect spearing shot. 

One day I realized I would have a lot more fun taking photos of the sea life rather than killing it to eat. 

It was then I began really thinking about underwater photography and the high costs involved. Big cameras, double strobes, underwater housings, and more.
But these high buy in costs a thing of the past. A few years back technology caught up with the underwater camera and now they make inexpensive (under 300USD) point-and-shoot digital cameras.  You don't even need a waterproof housing, just jump in the water and go! Best of all if you happen to get your camera wet on land, or drop it in the water, it does not matter, because its waterproof.
After taking dozens of people for their first underwater photo session I soon realized most people don't end up with pleasing photos. Instead they bring home a few blurred images and shrug their shoulders at the results.

Then I began half hour instruction for our guests before our first snorkel. Just like that we had people taking photos worth emailing home. Simple, and instead of just watching the fish swim by, they had to learn a little about the fish to take that incredible photo, to know where to position themselves for the perfect photo. For many that is half the fun, getting to learn and explore the undersea life interactively.
If this sounds like your kind of fun, consider stopping by your local home electronics store and grabbing a couple waterproof cameras. I like the Olympus Stylus Tough, good to 33ft, but there are many more on the market and they all take good photos. For some extra thrilling adventure photos you might even bring a GoPro photo kit with you on the Orion.
Soon, with a little learned skill you'll turn those "good" photos into "great" vacation memory photos.
Scott Fratcher
Underwater Photography
Charter Orion | Underwater Photography
Since that day my passion has been taking underwater photos with inexpensive point and shoot cameras.
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