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I would just like to pass some feedback onto you and if you could kindly pass this positive feedback onto the crew in Tonga, that would be great!

My clients who chartered the Signature 58ft in Tonga were very pleased with their charter.

They mentioned the below:

"The boat was really good. Very clean tidy and a pleasure to spend the 6 nights on. We were all extremely happy with the crew. You would not find a better personal than Scott Fratcher and Allison Thompson. They were very obliging and helpful. Allison is a wonderful cook."

I was extremely happy with this news and would kindly ask if you could pass this on to Scott and Allison.

Thank you for all of your assistance.

Kind Regards,

Gracie Malvaso
Reservations Department
Paradise Adventures & Cruises (a division of Hideaway Holidays)
Scott and Alli- We were very fortunate to be on board with you both. We had a very enjoyable, relaxing and exciting time. We were blessed to swim with the whale (thanks for arranging that trip), a memory we will hold dear. Alli you are a great chef among other things. Thank you both.

Leanne, Vava'u, Tonga 2009
Scott and Allison as captain and mate of the S/Y Mariah gave me the time of my life this year for a six-week adventure aboard the fabulous, beautiful, luxurious, and spacious 58’ catamaran. Their seamanship was stellar and professional. Their competence, knowledge of cruising grounds and cultures, gracious hospitality and service, super cuisine, and sense of humor and fun, made for a safe and unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to go back and whole-heartedly recommend time with them aboard Mariah.

Elizabeth Paradiso, Tuamutos to Tonga 2009
"Hi Scott and Alli-We are obviously home now, and all in our party agree that we were fortunate to have had a great boat very pleasant, experience and easy going Captains to have as our crew on the Mariah."

David, Charter in September 2009
"I always felt the crew was in control and I always felt safe, even in the tricky passes."

Pat, Makamo Atoll to Fakarava, Tuamutos, 2009
"I crossed an ocean aboard Mariah with Captain Scott Fratcher. It was a rough trip, but looking back on it, even though the weather did not cooperate I see Scott made the right decision every time for the conditions we were given. I never looked back and said "that was a mistake". Instead I always felt safe and knew we were in good hands. We made our schedule, caught fish, and had a good time. It was a real life learning experience and I feel like a better sailor for it."

Peter Milbourn, Tuamutos to Tonga 2009
When you have a memorable experience, as we did aboard ‘Mariah’ a 62 foot Catana 582 Catamaran you are torn as to what highlights you would like to speak about.

Our entire 10 day trip was filled with countless highlights. Mariah is a very luxurious, comfortable and well equipped vessel with an exceptional crew headed by Captain Scott Fratcher and Allison Thompson who made us all feel so comfortable. Cruising to some of the islands of the South Pacific will be long remembered.

Every day was a new adventure, from bone fishing, snorkeling, diving, relaxing or for a chore as simple as going ashore each morning to a village to get our daily ration of baguettes.

It is a given we shall return very soon.
Irv Ridd, Vancouver BC, Canada
We had a wonderful trip. Thank you both! Watching the whales for the first time up close and personnel was fantastic. Catching a Maimai set the scene for the fantastic 6 days. A great time had by all ...We had a very pleasing experience.

Ian & Margarot, Vava'u, Tonga 2009
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In its Cruising World advertisements, My Orion bills itself as "A luxury waterfront condo where the location and scenery change daily to suit your whim." In reality, it would be more accurate to describe the 90-foot Catana as a waterfront castle, because compared to it's surrounding at the U.S. Sailboat Show, where I had a chance to spend sometime aboard, it was king of the docks. Aboard, the crew could not have been more professional or pleasant, the food was fine indeed, and while you could entertain a crowd (we did), all about there were comfortable nooks and crannies that were perfect for quiet conversations.

Mark Pillsbury
From all of us at Harken, thanks for the hospitality and using our gear!

Bill Goggins, Harken CEO
Great boat for me and 20 of my friends, ha, ha!

Peter Harken
Good sailing!

Olef Harkin
Scott and Allison

So many thanks for being our host boat during the Annapolis sailboat show. What a great time ws had by the Cruising World and Sailing World staff and our marine industry guests and friends.
George Brengle
Hi Scott and Allison

It was really great to spend these days with you at the Orion!

I have sailed in a few sailing boats, but Orion is a different story by large!

Your care and attention, the comfort, stability, safety and most important… the fun of sailing on it was thrilling!

The food was really fantastic! Alison, you’re a great cook! Healthy, tasteful, sophisticated …. Yummy!

I’ve shown everyone at home the video. Guess what? I ll have to come back and next time with the whole family!!

Roberto Szachnowicz
"I strongly recommend the voyage with Orion. The boat is a perfect way to know very tiny islands like Saba, Eustatius and Barbuda. Orion arrives everywhere with casual glamour. "

Sergio Benclowicz
November 2013
"One of the things everyone should do in life before you die is to spend some days on ORION!!  The mix of sophistication, and simplicity makes this boat a wonderful experience. The crew is AWESOME, and made me feel at home!! If you enjoy fishing, exploring, sailing and eating well this is the boat to be on.

Thank you very much to Scott, Allison, Elliot, and Molly. "

Ivan Kraiser
November 2013
Dec 28, 2013-Jan 4, 2014
I'm told I have been spoiled on this trip. Having never been on any boat in the ocean I somehow started at the top. This trip has been the best trip of my life. You think you have an idea of how beautiful sailing is from the movies, but it doesn't even come close. My highlights are riding in the very front for hours trying to guess what the waves would do to the boat. Snorkeling for the first time and having what felt like an out of body experience. Yoga on the front deck with Allison, and watching Elliot prance around trying to catch all types of sea creatures. Scott's amazing stories and watching "Erray Potta" with Molly. You are all wonderful. Thank you for making my first experience inevitably my best.

Lindsey Stamey
Orion Guests ...
After numerous sailing trips to the BVI's on mono hulls this is my FAVORITE boat tour! Wow, love the shower, toilet (ha, ha), my room, great food, yoga (Yay!) Shark wrestling with Elliot, and such nice people. Thanks for making our trip so perfect and memorable.

Jenny Boyd
Maybe 30 sails around the Caribbean, Med, Atlantic and this was by far the best ever. Best boat, best crew, and best boat mates! My family. And so many unexpected extras: Yoga, shark catching and tagging! Thank you Allison, Molly,, Elliot, and Scott for an unforgettable holiday.

Randy Boyd
Totally relaxing trip. The ship was great. The crew awesome and the food could not be beat.

Tom Boyd
I don't believe I've ever been so well taken care of on any trip. Love the spirit energy of each of the staff. Allison, it would be fun to hang with her for months so I could have learned more yoga, raw food and health and well being in general. Scott your attention to our safety from harm was greatly appreciated. Elliot, your love of fishing, nature, in general was fun to watch. Good luck with your lion fish project. Molly, holy cow girl! You're learned your passion well. Wonder how much I gained this week! Thanks to each of you for your special gifts and for sharing them. Peace and love to all.

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